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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Winter Christmas Village

Hi all I hope your having a better week than me. Monday night after I came home from work at 11:30 pm someone came  into our yard and went through our cars. They took my Kindle from my card I like to read at lunch when I'm at at work and they took my sons CD case with all his Cd's. We have lived here for over thirty years and nothing like this has every happen. I know this is small compared to what happens in the world today, but for me, I find it very upsetting. So I have spent my only day off looking for a dog, I know I want a Collie I had one about twenty years ago and after I had to have her put to sleep I have never wanted a dog. The kids have had dogs through the years. My youngest sons dog pasted away last year. So I think we need a dog. John wants us to get a puppy so it can grow up with the chickens, cat and the grand kids. And Collie puppy's are hard to find. I will keep you informed if this goes forward.

Now for what you came here for.

Winter Village, this card gave me fits. The first time I stamped it, I cut the paper so large that I could not add any background. So I cutout all the houses, then I stamped the trees and hills.

I started by stamping a horizon with Pine Tree Snowdrifts  this stamp works so well with the Christmas Village stamps. Then I stamped the Christmas Village Church, Christmas Village House and the Christmas Village Post office. These were colored with Copic markers then glittered. The Trees are from the Christmas Village 4 in one. The frame was cut with a Spellbinder die. Then I cut out the center with a rule and exacto knife. I don't know who made the snowflake die.

I hope you will join in the Inchie Challenge this week. You can find the link on the DRS designs blog HERE.

Have a wonderful day,


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