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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

A update

I everyone I thought I would take some time and tell you what has been going on it my life for the past few month's. First I started back to work at the end of April. I work crazy hours and have random days off there is no seclude it changes every day. Then in August my car died and off to the shop it goes. Then the first of September my dad decides that he is ready to move in with us, but not up stars he want's the basement it is a finished basement with a kitchen and full bath I had a day care there for years and now it was my crafting space. So I had to move my craft space upstairs into to smallest bedroom in the house, now half my stuff is still downstairs and half is upstairs (it all would not fit in the small room) . Don't get me wrong I'm so glad the he finely decided to move it with us it has taken a weight off my shoulders. Away after he moved in we had to clean out his house he had a hard time of letting go of some things but there was no were to put them here, we got everything moved out and the house cleaned now it is up for rent. While all this was going on My car is still in the shop them my computer dies, then the vacuum cleaner dies then  finely after two months I got my car back after a fat check the next day the Hot water heater broke. Do you see were I'm going with this. So if my post have been a little short and not very detailed maybe you will understand why.

OK enough whining.  Today I had the day off and it was beautiful and after the very cold Saturday morning the leaves have started to change. So my sweetie and I took a little trip. We started with a ride across the mountain. This is about 10 miles from my house.

It was very hazy and the sun was to bright for really good pictures. On a really clear day you can see Atlanta about 60 miles away.

From the look off we went on to Amicalola Falls State Park  and walked to the top almost

If you look at the top you can see the falls just picking through the trees.

This is the pond at the bottom of the falls.

I must really like rocks , I took a lot of rock pictures.

just starting up the trail.

Still going up.

and up

getting close?

  I can see the top.


And the TOP, or at least my top, you can go to the very top and look back down or you can just drive. This is the TOP.

After we walked back down we drove on over to our favorite Apple House and picked up some apples

pink laides

On to the next town and had a nice meal then home.
It was a great disaster free day

I hope you take sometime to enjoy this beautiful Fall season.


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