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Sunday, September 11, 2011

From the past PSX

Good morning everyone, I had the best time yesterday, Aidan’s birthday party was so much fun. I love watching him play. Then Lynn came over we didn’t get much stamping done, but lots of talking. We started talking about how much the stamping world has changed since we started nineteen years ago. You could not find card stock, and we had to drive for two hours just to get the large blank index cards, that was what all cards were made from. There was no printed paper. Embossing was all the rage. But we were lucky enough to have a store in town that sold stamps(PSX, Stampedes) good quality stamps. Then going to our first stamp show in Atlanta and saw how much more there was. We have been to the stamp show every year. We got to looking at old cards that we made and had a good laugh. Oh how far we have come. There has been so many changes to our hobby, for the better. And still just as much fun.
Making Christmas cards has all ways been very important part of our card making, we are all ways on the look out for that perfect stamp, I don’t have a copy of all the Christmas cards that we made through the years, I wish I did, but there our family and friends that have kept them, use them for decorations from one year to the next. So we are always trying to improve our cards every year. The card that im shearing with you today was a card from about 7 or 8 years ago, it is still one of my favorites.
Have a wonderful day

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Shazsilverwolf said...

I adore PSX stamps, they are so beautiful, aren't they? This is a gorgeous card, love the colours.