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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

A bowl of apples

Wow! what a week this has been Sunday my son in law Shane ask me to go with him and help him pick tomatoes a friend was giving to him. Of course I said yes, Hummm. We left a seven and were picking in thirty minutes. I had no ideal how many tomato's we were bring home I bet there was 30 to 40 lbs. if not more the whole time i'm thinking what are you going to do with all these tomato's. While we were picking the owner put's a box of bell peppers in the truck. When we were done with the tomato's Shane was showing me the rest of the farm, and the owner ask if I like corn ( I sure do) well go over to that field and pick all you want, silver queen is on the right cream and sugar on the left here we go the whole time i'm picking I think it's for Shane he said he wanted some for his grandmother. I have already put up corn this year from my garden. When we left the corn field I told Shane to stop at the farm stand, and I found some peas and he sold me twenty lbs for twenty dollars. I was so happy I can't grow peas because the deer eat them. By the time we left the farmer gave us two watermelons, and a cantaloupe.When we get home Shane takes 2 buckets of tomato's, maybe ten ears of corn, 1 watermelon, and the cantaloupe. So this week I canned 21 quarts of tomatoes, 21 pints of peas, a gallon of pepper are in the freezer and today I have three dehydrators full of tomato's, I told Shane we had to give some of these tomato's away, I don't need all of them. So we got on the phone and made a lot of people very happy. and I still have a five gallon bucket of tomato's. And today I going to try to make some corn cob jelly.

I have this card that I did over a week ago that I wanted to share today. The image is from The Artful Stamper ( Apples), and I used my Inktense Water soluble pencils and Georgia Pacific paper. I really love these new pencils the color is so bright and they blend so well. I better get back to work.

Have a wonderful day,


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