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Monday, April 9, 2012


Stamp is DRS designs

Embossing folder is Cuttle bug

We went up and checked on the garden today, the seeds are starting to poke through. Yum, I love fresh Vegetables.
Last year we went to the farm store to get seeds for the garden, and they had baby chicks and ducks. Well guess who came home with a baby chick and a baby duck. The chick was a little black cochin and the duck was a little mallard. I kept them in a box in the house, until they grew up. Then DH and I built them a home in the back yard. While we were working on the new chicken pen DH sent me to the farm store by my self to pick up some wire. Well I came home with a five more baby chicks. We had this nice new pen. When it was all said and done I had 10 little chicks 1 little duck, and 3 hens that DH uncle gave me. All living in the backyard. The 3 hens,( Rose, Daisy and Hyacinth) were laying eggs from the start, by fall some of the little girls Booths, Ms Priss, Dot, Kicker, Yeller, Domique, Curley, Silky, Little Bit, Red were starting to lay every now and then. They grew into beautiful young ladies, who love to sit in our lap and get petted and a nice treat. In February of this year I came home from the stamp show, and DH had to tell me the sad news the our little Ms Priss had passed away during the night. We were hart broken. She was a beautiful Polish Chicken. By last fall we new Curley was a roster he is a beautiful black frizzle Bantam cochin Rooster. So no eggs from him. And then this spring Silky started to crow and crow and crow that chicken would not shut up. Rooster number two. He was getting picked on something offal the little girls had there man Culery and wanted nothing to do with Silky. So we built another pen and moved Silky and Duck, away from the little girl’s. Only Silky still crowed all the time, so I got the bright ideal to put him in the pen with the big girls, Bad Ideal, they beat him up so bad, and he was so defected I had to rescue him and after a lot of holding and I’m sorry we put him back in with duck. He was good for about a day. Then the crowing started again. Well I live in town this is not a farm, and we were worried that someone was going to complain about the crowing rooster, ( Rooster don’t just crow in the morning and he crowed day and night.) Dh found some friends that have a farm said they would take him, after a lot of soul searching I agreed. They came by late one afternoon to pick him up, when I nosted that Boots was not acting right. When I got up the next morning I could here the girl clucking like I have never heard before. My little Booths had passed away. She was the first and she is missed.
After this we went to the farm store and bought every kind of chicken medican they had. If another one even thinks about getting sick we can at least try to help.
I think I need to get another baby duck maybe a white Pekin, Duck-Duck looks lonely in her pen.
The girls have been laying like crazy this Spring I have been getting up to 5eggs a day anyone know of any good egg recipes.
Have a wonderful day,

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