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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Wonderful Day

I hope everyone’s Easter is as happy as mine has been. We went to breakfast at my in-laws this morning and all the kids and grand kids were there (we do this every Sunday) After a lot of talking,(my father in law was telling me that he had went to the farmers market on Saturday and they had a baby goat that was very cute, think I will need to go next Saturday.) Selena and I went out to hide the Easter Eggs for the kids they were so cute running around the azaleas in there new yellow Easter outfits. After everyone went home. I came in and started cooking Lasagna. I promised Pete and Sassy I would cook supper for them tonight, they are painting at there new house ( we are so happy for them) and I’m one lucky Mom. They bought there house in Jasper, so they are close by and not half way across the country, at one time they was a lot of talk about Colorado. I spent Saturday over there painting, so cooking sounded good to me and I have some time to stamp.

                                                                  Ethan, Emma, Aidan

Have a wonderful day,


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