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Monday, December 15, 2014

Christmas Gifts

Hi all, I have had a busy weekend, my friend and I got some Christmas gifts finished and I thought I would share.

A few months age we made Vanilla, Lemon and Coconut Extract. Well we were starting to bottle them up and the Vanilla smells wonderful and taste great to I have used some of it in the cookies I made. The Lemon is wonderful I have not cook with it yet but the smell just makes me want to dab a little behind my ears. Then the Coconut it just did not work at all it was just straight  alcohol. We had to pour that one out. We wanted a third bottle to add to the gift set so we made some Vanilla Sugar. This one was a winner.

This is the way we decorated the bottle that I found on Amazon.

I'm very happy with the way they came out, I think they will make a cute gift set.


We used larger bottles for the Vanilla Extract.

We used burlap on all the bottles and Tear-ific-tape to attache the labels.

We added a circle of the burlap to the top of the jar. 

Here is some links Vanilla 



I hope this gives you some ideals for your Christmas gifts.

Have a wonderful day,


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