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Monday, March 16, 2015

Buyer Beware

Today I wanted to talk to you about were you buy your stamping supply's, if your like me there are not any brick and mortar stamp stores close by, the closes thing I have is a small Michaels craft store. I very grateful to have but you can't get a lot of supply's. So I turn to the internet I always try to research any company before I order from them. I like to see what other stampers are saying about company's before I order from them. I have had a lot for good luck. DRS designs has always been quick to get your order out. And for my Copic I always turn to Oozak on there web site it will tell you if it is in stock they send emails every step of the way and get your order out in a few days. I like dealing with Amazon if you have any problems with anyone selling from there site they have your back. I have had good results with them.

Then there are the not so reputable company's. Before Christmas I order a stamp from Lalaland Stamps there were no emails I had given up on ever getting my order when to my surprise it turned up at the end of January. Two months to get one stamp is unexceptional and know explanation as to why. If a company does not have the product they are selling there should not take the money from your account. This leads me to my latest ordeal I placed a small order from Simon Says Stamps after a month of checking on my order and it saying processing I sent them a email that said to send my order or return my money, I got a quick responses that said how sorry they were and they would call the ware house and send my order out. I still don't have the order or my money. 

I was telling my husband about this he said that I needed a Pappal account just for times like these if you don't get your order they will intercede on your behalf and get your stuff or your money. I will never order from a company that does not take Paypal. And I wont  choose a company because a artist that I admire uses there products. There are some good internet company's but there are some bad ones. Buyer beware.

Let me know of your online ordering experiences, do you have a favorite company or a tale of woe. I would love to here from you.

Have a wonderful day,


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