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Saturday, March 31, 2012

What a week

Wow what a week. We have been so busy. On Monday I did a little spring cleaning thinking I would get this done and have more time to stamp this week so Tuesday rolled around and I went to get my hair cut, when I got back home I was looking at the yard the azaleas are in full bloom so I just had to go out and pick up the sticks and pine cones. I was so tired by the time I was finished there was no stamping for me. On Wednesday I started washing the clothes and this is usually a good time to stamp because all the stamps are down stairs and so is the washer and dryer, so what did I do? I went in the closet were I keep the canned food to see what was left from last year and started cleaning and organizing. So no stamping once again. Well when Thursday rolled around I new that I was not going to stamp, my father in-law was going to plow the garden, so up early think we would get to plant, well first my DH tells me a friend of his is stopping by, but he won’t be long then we will get up to the garden, well men can talk so about a hour later we ready to leave. But first we need to go by the feed store and get the seeds. So we make it to the garden at about 11:30 only to find my father in-laws brother on the backhoe digging a giant rock out of the garden. So we pull up chairs and set down and watch. When he finely got the rock out it was the size of the couch. By now it’s about 1:30. After a little more talking by father in-law is on his tractor and plowing up my garden, by the way my farther in-law has a thing about rocks so me and DH end up spending then rest of the day picking up rocks. When Father in law gets tired of riding the tractor he ask me when I want to plant,…. I say tomorrow? Ok I finishes plowing on Friday. I must tell you these men are in there 80’s and love there tractors, and they are doing all this for me, I Love them dearly. When DH and I got home and we could hardly move. Friday morning were up and ready, moving a little slower but I’m going to plant the gardened. Farther in-law get’s the plowing done. And DH and I get it all planted just as we finished putting the last seed in the ground a rain drop falls. We get home barley moving but I’m so happy thinking about all the wonderful vegetables we will be eating this year. After a hot shower some food and rest. I went to get the mail. There was a envelope full of rubber stamps. So this morning I did stamp and it felt great.
Have a great weekend,

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Shelia said...

Janett, your azaleas are beautiful!!! Ours haven't bloomed yet, I think I need to add some fertilizer! Hope you find some time to stamp soon! :-)