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Friday, November 9, 2012

A sad story

I have a story to tell you today. I'm always going back and forth with myself, if I should post things that are not about stamping on my blog. But I want to share something that happened to me yesterday, that is so sad.

If you have been reading my blog you know that I have backyard chickens, that we love and have hand raised from little chicks. We have them in two different pens 3 older girls and then the little girls in there on cope.  On Wednesday morning I went out to check on my girls, only to find that on of my older girl's ( Rose) had been horrible murdered in the night. We have had a chicken to die before but nothing like this. On Thursday morning the sun was out so I let the girls out to play in the back yard at 5:00 I went to put them back in there pen's, I little girls went right in just like always, but the older girls would not go in for anything, I tried everything  even putting treats in there, but they would not go. My DH said just leave the door open and when it get's dark they will go in to roust.So after supper I went to lock the gate on the big girls pen, and they were no were to be found. After some looking I saw Hyacinth about 9 feet up on top of the little girls pen  and Daisy on top of the air conditioner, they have never done anything like this before. I felt so bad about put them back in there pen when they really did not want to be in the murder house, I have felt so bad all night for the emotional damage I may have done to them. People say chickens are not smart, will I here to tell you they are smart animals. So today i going to move them from the murder house to the little girls house, and just hope everyone gets along. Thanks for listing to my tail of woe. 

This is a center step card that I can't decide if I like or not. All the stamps are by DRS designs and the image was colored with copics. O.K. now I can feel better about this being a stamping blog.

Have a wonderful day,


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