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Friday, October 31, 2014

Put a Little Love on the back

Hi everyone, today I have a little different kind of post for you. I want to talk about the back of your cards.
Do you put any thing on the back? 
Do you sign and date your cards?

The reason that I'm asking is this, long ago when I first started making cards. I made Christmas cards. And I sent them to a lot of the older ladies from my church. I used a lovely PSX stamp on the front and a very sweet stamp on the back.
After that Christmas I got so many sweet comments on this card, and so many of them even comment on the back of the card.
After that year when ever I sent cards if I forgot to stamp the back, I would hear about it through the grape vine (mother in law) :).
So many of these sweet ladies have keep all the Christmas card for the past 20 something years. And use them every year in there decorations. I don't even have a copy of every Christmas card that I have made. You just never know what will be a treasure to someone.

So I wanted to give you some ideals for the treasures that you create for someone in your life.

There all all kinds of stamps for the back of cards.

There are sweet stamps that pull at the heart strings.

          Link                                                                               Share My Heart

                        Like this sweet stamp that went on the back of this birthday card. 

And then there are the Funny ones.


A Little Off Greeting


Link                                     And some that give you a place to sign you name                                                            Dragonfly Created for You                                               


You can match the back to the front.
                                      Snowman Stamped by
And easy way to stamp on a dark card is to stamp on sticker paper and die cut.  

                                                                                                             I like to add the year to my Christmas cards.

And you can find stamps for the seasons.
                                       Leaf Handmade By

And this is the little stamp that started my obsession with stamping the back of my cards.(PSX)

It's old now and does not stamp very well, but I still love it.
Oh and you can all ways use heat embossing on dark cards.

I hope this will give you some ideals to share a little extra love on the back of your cards.

All the stamps can be punched at DRS designs 

Have a wonderful day,



*Vicki* said...

These are darling cards and I'm sure they were very treasured and wanted to know where they came from! :) I love these "backing" stamps from DRS Designs and must get some for sure!! Thanks for sharing!! HUGS

Samantha said...

Great post, Janett! So many of us forget about the back of the card and your cards are an excellent reminder that we shouldn't. I mean, who doesn't look at the back of a card after what's inside has already been seen? I don't know if I'm looking for a price sticker or the Hallmark logo, but I look just the same!